The Trauma Energetics Coaching Program

Personal Healing and Professional Training
for helpers, healers and practitioners.

Healing is a process of getting to know yourself.

Deeply knowing yourself enables you to live your full potential with vibrant health and happiness.

What is in the way of truly knowing who we are and living authentically from our truth?

It's unresolved trauma that led to defensive patterns that got wired in during childhood and it's ancestral trauma that’s been passed down from past generations.

What's the solution?

To uncover the root of the trauma and unprocessed emotions and create a safe environment to feel, express and discharge it.

Once we are free from this unresolved trauma, we live in a more coherent state where we have easy access to our divine self and inner wisdom. Healing happens in this state!

Somagetics teaches how to do this with a simple, step by step system that you will first experience yourself for your own healing then you can use it to facilitate the healing of others.

“We can only take our clients as far as we have come in the self-improvement of our own spiritual qualities.”

~ Laura Fine, The Exceptional Practitioner

Healing ourselves so we can facilitate the healing of others.

The Trauma Energetics Coaching (TEC) Program is a combination of a personal healing journey and an immersive training program. Our cutting-edge Trauma Energetics Healing system goes beyond conventional methods.

Through a blend of powerful dialogue, transformative movement, and energy-based exercises, we guide you to develop a profound understanding of the intricate connection between body, mind, and emotions.

You'll uncover and address subconscious beliefs that stem from childhood trauma, allowing you to break free from limitations and reignite your true potential.

This program, you will be equipped with a simple process that empowers you to uncover the emotional and psychological root causes of trauma and other painful issues. Through intensive training, you will learn how to detect hidden subconscious information revealed through voice, gesture, and the interactive energy between individuals.

Whether you aspire to enhance your own healing journey, use these techniques professionally with clients, or foster harmonious relationships with loved ones,

our certification program will empower you to become exceptional at facilitating transformative change.

Here's the ROADMAP of how it works:

Are you ready to embark on a transformative personal healing journey while gaining invaluable skills to empower others? The Trauma Energetics Coaching (TEC) Program offers you a unique opportunity to unlock the art and science of transmuting stagnant energy into vibrant alveness.

It is a standalone system and you can build a business utilizing this method alone, however it is easily integrated with other techniques. The Trauma Energetics Coaching Program will provide all the tools you need to heal yourself so you can have a thriving practice helping people to heal.


Do I have to be a Health Coach or Therapist in order to join the program?

No. Anyone who is sincerely interested in self-growth, ready and willing to make a solid commitment to personal transformation and healing, is welcome to participate.

How long does the program last?

The full program consists of 2 Levels. If you choose complete both levels you can apply for certification.

Level 1 includes the first 2 phases called The Foundations and The Survival Energy Patterns - totaling 6 months

Level 2 includes the last phase called the TEC Process that also includes the Business Course - also totaling 6 months.

It takes 12 months to complete the certification process on the regular track. If you are interested in applying for the fast track please send us an email to [email protected] for details on how to complete the program in as little as 6 months.

What is the professional value of having a Trauma Energetics Coaching Certification?

The Somagetics System and the Trauma Energetics Coaching Program is based in Transpersonal Energy Healing  which originated in 2002 through The Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing in Los Angeles. Hundreds of coaches, practitioners, therapists and energy healers have been trained in the system and apply it in professional practice with remarkable results.There is no licensure required to utilize the Trauma Energetics Coaching system. If you are seeking a modality to begin a professional practice or advance your current practice, the TEC system is a highly innovative and credible technique that is being utilized by coaches, practitioners, therapists, nutritionists, doctors, energy healers and numerous body/mind professionals throughout the world.

What if I am not satisfied with the courses?

The program is a monthly subscription that you can cancel anytime. However, you must complete both levels and maintain the monthly subscription payments to qualify for professional certification.

Can I start right now?

Yes!  As soon as you enroll you have instant access to the course portal and you can get started with the self study content. In addition you are invited to join the Live Virtual Masterclass calls immediately after you join the program. There are 10 or more live calls per month that you can choose to attend.

Are the classes live or recorded? Are they interactive?

Yes! The course is a mixture of self study, recorded material and live classes.  All of the live virtual training calls (done on Zoom) are recorded and available for you if you can not participate live. Each week there is an opportunity for live Q & A and practice sessions with other students. 

Testimonials from our students:

Are you ready to help re-wire defensive, self-sabotage patterns and support deep transformation healing for yourself, clients, and community?

~ You won't have to spend years in traditional training in order to unwind the root cause of the defensive patterns that have kept your clients locked in misery,

~ Learn how to facilitate a healing transformation for yourself and others. You'll get tons of practical experience and case study opportunities to refine your skills.

~This system is trauma informed, easy to grasp and effective, and can be used with your clients in person or virtually.

~TEC is a standalone system. You don’t need to use other modalities in conjunction with it, however it is easily integrated with other techniques.

You are being called to a healing journey.

Your soul is ready to journey deep. It's telling you that you have the incredible power to create positive change, both within yourself and in the lives of others.

By nurturing your own healing, you become an unstoppable force capable of uplifting those around you.

It's time to answer the call and embark on a profound journey of self-healing that will resonate far beyond your own transformation.