About Us

Our Story

Somagetics was born out of the collaboration of Laura Fine and Kimberly Ward. Laura was the creator of the healing method called Transpersonal Energy Healing. She founded the in-person school called The Lionheart Institute for Transpersonal Energy Healing in 2002. From 2002 - 2017 she trained thousands of people in this method. In 2017 Laura transitioned to teaching her process on-line. Soon after that Laura and Kimberly teamed up to combine their work and share it with the world.

As Laura expressed it...

"A natural partnership unfolded between us as we combined Kimberly’s design of heart-centered spiritual science as a trauma therapist with my body/mind depth psychology, integrated with the basics of energetic healing."

Since joining forces, Laura and Kimberly and their team continued to refine and improve the method and have taught hundreds of students to utilize this powerful process. The mission has always been to help people to heal themselves so they can facilitate the healing of others. Our beloved Laura passed away in early 2023 and we at Somagetics continue to teach this method to coaches, healers, therapists and other holistic practitioners. Our mission continues and we are honored and proud to carry Laura's life work forward.

Kimberly Ward, CEO

Kimberly is the Founder and CEO of Somagetics. She been working as a holistic practitioner for over 30 years. She combines her skills as a Functional Nutritional Practitioner and Somatic Trauma Therapist to help her clients achieve optimal health.Her true passion is teaching people how to resolve past trauma that is at the root of physical and mental disease.

In 2018 she partnered with Laura Fine to train coaches, healers and practitioners in the Transpersonal Energy Healing System. She dedicated to continuing the original mission of Transpersonal Energy Healing through Somagetics and the Trauma Energetics Coach Certification Program.

In addition to her role as CEO and facilitating Membership Group Sessions and Masterclasses for the Trauma Energetics Coach Certification Program she sees clients in her private practice.

Kimberly lives on an off-grid homestead with her husband and is passionate about permaculture and and regenerative farming.

Lisa Lewis, Master Teacher

Lisa Lewis is a Licensed Marriage and Family, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with three certificates in Transpersonal Energy Healing and Level 2 Reiki certified. She is is the mother of three young adults and has been married for 30 years.

She is a recovering co-dependent, continues to learn everyday how to create and live by healthy boundaries especially with the people she loves, and has taken to heart the importance of self-care.

Her mission is to help people, especially Highly Sensitive Women, embody their gifts of empathy, attunement to others, emotionality, open heartedness, and the ability to hold strong boundaries while staying in integrity to their values and beliefs.

Lisa has served as a Master Teacher on the Transpersonal Energy Healing team since 2019 and has continued with Somagetics by teaching Membership Group Sessions and facilitating Masterclasses in the Trauma Energetics Coach Certification Program.

Lynn DeBuhr Johnson, Dean of Students

As your Dean of Students, Lynn is here to create a space for you to feel comfortable sharing in. Sometimes the world thinks you’re crazy because you believe in the inherent healing that exists within you. Not only is this in the energy of our emotions, but also in using natural ways to bring harmony to your physical body, such as herbs and food.

Lynn is a graduate of Transpersonal Energy Healing and the Trauma Energetics Coach Certification Program, plus she is also a graduate of the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology, and is currently studying Alchemical Herbalism.

Lynn sees that not only do you want to learn how to incorporate these things into your daily life, you want to bring this same space for your clients. And so you are seeking direction. You are seeking to understand yourself - and be understood. You want to understand your clients - and let them know they are heard. Lynn is also on the teaching team for the Trauma Energetics Coach Certification Program, and through this she can show you these different ways to heal yourself so that you can bring healing to others. But more than anything, she can teach you to trust yourself that the answer is within you.

Emily Smith, Executive Assistant

Emily is a certified Transpersonal Energy Healing & Somagetics Practitioner with over a decade of experience. She holds a Masters of Social Work degree, which has fueled her passion for helping individuals.

Emily has been a part of the Transpersonal Energy Healing staff and teaching team since 2020, serving as the Executive Assistant, administrator, and customer support specialist. With a deep understanding of human behavior and suffering, she combines her expertise in social work and energy healing to assist those in need.

Her true passion lies in supporting individuals who are seeking fulfillment and healing from grief, trauma, addiction, anxiety, and depression. By facilitating natural healing mechanisms and exploring the subtle energies within the body, Emily guides clients on a holistic healing journey, addressing core trauma and pain.

Suzy Wraines, Business Foundation Coach

Suzy is the Founder of Business Simplified LLC. She has over 20 years of business experience and a bachelors degree in Business Administration. She has over 5 years experience as a health and life coach. She combines her skills as a Business Foundation Coach. She hosts her own podcast " Starting a Business Simplified" which speaks to women leaving a traditional medial career to start their own practice. Her experience as a medic in the army and working in veterinary medicine gives her insight to the challenges that come with starting your own business.

In addition to coaching and hosting a podcast, Suzy is being certified
as a Trauma Energetics Coach. Using this modality in her Entrepreneur Coaching has been key to healing her clients from limiting beliefs rooted in past trauma.

Suzy is the creator of "Starting Your Practice Business Course" here at Somagetics. This course is added to the Trauma Energetics Coach Certification Program for students that want to start their own practice.

Suzy is married and travels the country as a fulltime RV'er with her husband and four fur babies.