Enjoy these podcasts hosted by members of the Somagetics Team.

Self-Healing After Trauma

Hosted by Dr. Asher Beckwitt and Kimberly Ward

Like many, our journeys, marked by trauma and healing, inspire our mission at Self-Healing After Trauma- to build a resilient community and foster an inclusive space for our shared healing journeys. Sharing our stories and insights not only aids our healing but also lights the way for others to embark on their healing journey. We created this podcast for shared healing and growth.

The Healer's Transformation

Hosted by Kimberly Ward

Celebrate the journeys of remarkable healers as they share their personal stories of transformation, igniting their profound desire to guide others on their healing path. Join us for insightful conversations on trauma-informed healing and spiritual growth, delivered with a nurturing touch and profound intelligence.

Sensitive in Nature

Hosted by Lisa Lewis

Welcome to "Sensitive in Nature," the podcast that invites you to explore the profound connection between Highly Sensitive People and the natural world. In each episode, we'll delve into the unique experiences, challenges, and gifts of being highly sensitive, while discovering how nature serves as a sanctuary for those who feel deeply. We'll hear stories from individuals who have found solace, strength, and inspiration in the embrace of the natural world.

Starting a Business Simplified: Navigating the Shift

Hosted by Suzy Wraines

Tired of working in the healthcare system? Looking to start your own business with flexible time. Not sure where to start? This is the podcast for you! Starting a Business Simplified, Navigating the Shift answers all the questions around starting a business shifting from a medical career to an online business. You will get actionable steps you can take each episode to start your business.

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